If your ever on the twitter feed at around 10:00PM-12:00AM (EST/EDT) and you like couples that act all lovey dovey and that have fun little "adventures" as lily's player calls them. you should follow me and her! 

Normally Xavier and Lily are always in their home in Ponyville, if not they could be either in Canterlot, or their Beach home. (which i would say is probably out of the realistic area of the Rp and that they're unable to be found by anyone other than their tweetbirds, when they're there.)


Xavier is a Dj and Music producer in ponyville who moved there after leaving canterlot because of family issues. every once in a while he goes up to canterlot to check on his sister Sindy  @Mlp_Sindy

He is also the proud owner of the Ponyville nightclub. which is currently closed. due to the fact that it is more than less likely covered in dust and most of the equipment is either broken or inoperative at this point.

But it will reopen as soon as he fixes the place up a bit! 


(To be written as soon as Lily's Player is online to tell me about lily :P)