The Wonderbolts are a flight performance team made up of some of the best pegasi fliers in Equestria. They hold regular performances throughout the year, and often perform for special occasions and royal functions. They are also featured in a monthly comic book 'The Amazing Wonderbolts', are commonly showcased in ads, and are prolific members of the Volunteer Flight and Rescue team.

General Functions

The Wonderbolts have a regular performance season throughout the year where they showcase some of the most dangerous flight stunts known to pegasi. This sometimes includes trials against other flight groups and races. They also perform regularly for royal functions such as the Summer Sun Celebration and Winter Moon Celebration. Although they primarily appear to be a civilian flight team, the Wonderbolts are loosely connected to the Equestrian guard, and perform functions loosely similar to The Blue Angels, including testing out new flight drills for pegasus guards. However, the Wonderbolts have only ever been called into active duty a couple of times since their inception.


There are only a couple dozen active Wonderbolts at any one time. This is broken down to the Alpha team of six Wonderbolts, the beta team of six, and the backup squadron, which can consist of a dozen or more Wonderbolts at any one time.

Gaining membership to the Wonderbolts is not an easy affair. It primarily consists of taking part in a number of tryouts until the best of the best remain. Ponies are tested on their basic flight skills, speed, agility, teamwork, bravery and adaptability. Throughout the trials, ponies are also observed for their ability to cooperate, their maturity and other traits that the Wonderbolts look for in new members.

Often times there can be anywhere from fifty ponies trying out originally, when the Wonderbolts are only seeking one or two new members.

Known Members

There are only a few canonical Wonderbolt members:

There are several other Wonderbolt characters in this RP based off of Wonderbolts seen in the series, but are fan-named:

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