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Wingshear is a Jonquil colored pegasus with a red, well brushed mane. She loves her friends, family and soft clouds, she is not in any relationship. She’s nicknamed Shear and Wing by her friends.


Wingshear’s have open minded attitude, she’s always ready to take new challenges even when the task seem overwhelming. She’s a soft spoken pony, who loves to cuddle up with her family, or her closest friends. When put to a task, she works with all of her heart, to get the task done and done well. She have a strong need for family and close friends, her life’s happiness depends on her friends. She makes strong bounds, with the ponies she meets. Her mood is very connected to the surroundings and the ponies she meet. The first look most ponies have on Wingshear tells them that she’s very loving and sweet; she hates discussions and tries to avoid them as much as possible, and sometimes let the unfair win.


Her home

She used to live on the edge of the everfreeforest, but she moved into the inner part of Ponyville. Her place is a nice and warm little house, with two levels. The upper level beholds her bedroom, a toilet, and SkyBlitz's own room. The main level contains an open kitchen, with a dinning table, another toilet.


Wingshear was born in Cloudsdale and lived there for the most of her fillyhood, she attended flightschool at a very young age and discovered she had a talent for flying, but it wasn’t enough she kept pushing her limits, to one day where her wings gave up and she crashed into another pegasus gaining a longer blackout. Her parents then determined to move to the ground where it would be safer for their family to live, for the most of her life Wingshear hated that decision.

In school Wingshear always loved the science, she took the extra hours assigned to science when she got the chance, and her mind couldn’t stop thinking of science. Everything in her room was dissembled and reassembled, every stone in her yard was turned to find new species. She wanted to know the science behind everything, until she got her cutie mark. Her cutie mark was a very important crossroad in her life, she got over all the stress and frustration she had being a flank.

It was an accident Wingshear got her cutie mark; she was assigned a science task. She took the subject clouds and worked hard in many weeks to make an edible cloud. The day came, where she should show her cloud. She made a machine that mixed all her ingredients and then made a cloud, and of course it turned out bad, when she turned on the machine the instruments turned wild and the cloud which came out wasn’t a cloud at all. It was a black flying substance, when it came out the machine, it began growing to the point where it exploded, even if the cloud was a failure she knew from that moment, that she was going to work with clouds.


She aren't in any relationship right now, but she really seek one.


Wingshear doesn't have much family left, she only have her own son, SkyBlitz. She used to have a big family once, and dreams about having another big family. Wingshear would very much, like to adopt, because SkyBlitz sometimes are too alone, and because she loves having a family.


Wingshear has always had a hard job making new friends, and is mostly too scared to actually interrupt, and start a conversation.

Her close friends is;

Tower, Tower is the pony Wingshear always can ask for help, he is probably the closest she got to a best friend. She really enjoys watching Tower play with SkyBlitz.

Rocky, was one of the first ponies Wingshear meet, and Wingshear accepted Rocky's offer to become his auntie. She often wish they could spend more time together, but time does't always allow it.

SugarFrost, is one of Wingshear's very close friends, even when they have been along time apart, they still sits down and speaks like they never left each other.

She is always looking for new friends, but is always stopped by her fear.

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