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Whistlewish is a shy pony at first but once she gets to know you she can get very freindly.

She is allways happy to help whith anything she can and is a great listener.

She is hard to anger but when she it can be realy bad. She trys realy hard to keep her anger down.


Whistle wish was born and raised in Hoofington where she was introdused into cooking by her father. Her love for cooking grew as she grew going into cooking school and getting her degree in cooking. She then moved out of Hoofington and moved around the world doing cooking jobs where she got quite famous. After a 3 years of touring she ended in in cantalot where she cooked as a head chef in a canalot resterant.

After a few years she decied enough was aough so she quit the chef job and moved to ponyville where she presenty lives she now works with her father in the famlily bakery and is happy.

She has a dark past she does not like to talk about but would tell anypony who needed to know.


Whistle wish has many diffent skills but cooking is her main skill she uses this everyday to cook for a her famlily and freinds. She is also giffted with magic fire being her main foucs and can play the piano.


Lighting Tango is her husband

RolliPolli is her addopted son

masquerade is one of her daughter

Jazz is one of her daughter

Hammockis one of her daughter

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