Wave Chill is a pegasus stallion, a great friend and a proud member of the Wonderbolts. He is one of the older members of the Wonderbolts, but he has been on a hiatus for a lengthy period of time and has only recently returned. As with other Wonderbolts, when he reaches a certain velocity, he leaves behind a trail of ice.


Wave Chill is a friendly, laid-back guy whom you can always count on for help. When you're in trouble or just need help, he'll definitely be there for you.

He may be a little flirty or touchy at times, though, because he's always looking out for potential marefriends. In addition to that, he's also keeping an eye out for fans/ponies who recognise him, and is quite appreciative towards them. This is due to the fact that he's considerably unrecognised and has been living in his colleague's shadows for years. Not to mention he also took a long hiatus and only recently came back to Ponyville.


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Wave and Soarin' have been the best of friends ever since Wave joined the Wonderbolts. They always performed their duties together (the picture is an example), practiced aerial stunts together and subsequently, carried out aerial stuntshows together. After Wave's long hiatus, however, it is not certain whether their relationship has strained or not.