The poster hung around Ponyville for the vote

The Vote for Sole Ruler is a story arc taking place between March 30 to April 1, 2012. The idea is to have ponies vote for a King or Queen to rule Equestria, because Digit Shine believes that the ruler shouldn't be arbitrary.

Purpose of the Story

The purpose of this story arc is to have fun! The only thing that is guaranteed to happen is the vote! Everything else is up to the players.

What this is NOT

  • A final deciding factor as to who will rule Equestria
  • A way to dethrone Celestia and/or Luna
  • Permanent
  • Serious

As you can guess, I am emphasizing that nothing in this RP guarantees that the result will leave us with a dysfunctional or uncanon Equestria, but in fact leaves the ending, and even the process, open for any and every player to modify however they can or want to. It's up to YOU to decide what happens. If you don't like it at all, don't show up to vote!

What this IS

  • An arc to have fun with
  • A way to see how Equestrians handle the voting process
  • A way to see who, if anyone, equestrians think is best fit to rule them
  • Approved by Celestia and Luna
  • An excuse to interact with ponies you wouldn't, otherwise
  • An excuse to voice your characters' love or hate for the diarchy

I didn't just get up last night and decide to do this. I took the time to let it evolve in my head and ran it by the big two, Twilight and Spike/Celestia, and Luna for good measure. If you feel you want to talk with me, message me here, on Twitter ( Supuhstar or  MLP_DigitShine), on IRC (on Slashnet, usually DigitShine, DigitDesk, or DigitAway), or on Skype (Supuhstar).

The purpose of the story in the first place

Why did I want to make this story in the first place? Well, here are the main reason, listed in descending importance:

  1. first and foremost, I want to set up a unique scene hat will allow many ponies to participate and have fun
  2. I want to have the type of scene that lets us, as players, see sides of our characters that would otherwise never be seen, in this case opinions about the way Equestria is ruled
  3. I want to teach Digit a life-changing lesson. She's been much too flat and needs a good character-building experience. If this means that she has to fail catastrophically, then so be it, but please do this in the role play rather than stating that you refuse to be a part of it.


IRP, voting is being conducted at the Town Hall of Ponyville.

IRL, voting is being conducted online at and can be tracked with the


The final results are as follows (Write-ins are recorded as written):

Candidate Name Votes
1 (Already in power) Celestia 19
2 (Already in power) Luna 14
3 Jim 9
4 Derpy Hooves 7
5 Twilight Sparkle 2
5 Philip the Tiger 2
6 The Mayor 2
7 The Sniper 1
8 Tom 1
9 Smarty Pants 1
10 Royal Steward 1
10 Sgt Frog 1
11 Lemony 1
12 Dissonant_chaos 1
13 Fluttershy 1
15 Tailsin Quatermane 1
16 Daisy Floral 1

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