Vez is a rocking pony from canterlot.His talent is music, mainly singing but performs all kinds of music know,for ponies to enjoy.He learned the basics on his own, but the rest from those who he met later on in his life. His mother is remarried and his father remains unknown.


Vez is a silly, party,fun,kind stallion.He likes to spend with his friends anytime and partying.He likes to make ponies laugh anyway possible.He loves to be silly and pull pranks on others, but most of all, enjoy's being with the ponies he loves and his music. He's known for having 20 albums out and only pony to own a 1m pair of diamond beats by Dr.Hoof .That and only pony with diamond teeth, with the best diamond out there.Plus, he has over many music hoof awards and a platinum record in canterlot. 


How do i goggles by beavernator-d5f2wtq

Vez as a foal with his first two dj shades

Vez grew up with his mother only, manily due the fact his father left them at age three, aka divoriced. He didnt have any other sibilings and he did have a stepfather at one point, but due to a certain accident, he lost that as well.So, it's only him, a close pony who he accepts a close father-relationship type love and a brand new stepfather due to his mother's remarriage.


like mentioned, he's know as a amazing singer pony and know for his music. But that's not the only thing he's good at. He can also dj a little,dance,cook, skateboard,trick and more.

He also has many hobbies but his most favorite one is skateboarding.He loves to skate while listening to music and hopes to do it with his pals sometimes .


The vez

vez first look when arriving into ponyville

Vez, born at august 28, by his mother, who was a cheif, at age 19. Born in caterlot,living only by himself with his mother, since his father left them, leaving them forever, has caused a change in his life. He later on had a step father during growning up but later on  he passed away due to a certain accident. Now, he's accepted a pony close to him throughout his life as his father since he knows his real one is out there and alive, but doesn't care anymore. And, after that, he got another stepfather since his mother got remarried. He didn't have any other siblings and not much friends.but that didn't bother him and was perfectly fine with it.He lived his whole life with his mother and close pony/stepfather till he was at a certain age and went to live on his own. 

At age 8, he wrote his first song while in school, smiling at his accomplishment. Not to say he did bad in school, since he got straight A's and was a honor student. But he liked music more for some reason and that's what he wanted to do. He signed a music deal from young money hoof records at age 9 and then, dropped out from school at age 14 to focus on his music career. Since then, he's produce many albums and songs that every pony has learn to apperciate and love.

As time went on, his success in music has made him rich, classy and one hell of a pony to apperciate and show love. But, also during his music life, he's been through some heavy medical situations, some in which he was close to seeing his last day on equestria. But, luckily through professional medical help, he's living healthy and performing well, with no more accidents. By his music career being a hit, he's gotten many awards and new freinds along the way, some being celebrity music ponies as well, who he has included them in his songs and being in their's. They are his close friends now. He's also launched many tours worldwide, in which to show his new work to the fans and ponies who been with him all those years, making him who he is today.

Vez later years

After many years touring, he decides to stick at one place to work on his music and live freely,so that he may share his music with the ponies there and around equestria. That's when he decided to move to a little town called ponyville, since canterlot was so boring for him, he needed something new.As soon as he arrived, he has made many new pony friends there,such as tea,plotlime,gilda and much,much more which also, he's enjoyed the town. He knew right away,this was his home town.Now, he has many new friends and fans,along with a clothes line, trukhoof , which started early in canterlot, and many albums out along with a watch line coming out soon. He plans to retire maybe at age 35 or just  till a certain album he wants to stops. 

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