Opened on November 4, 2015, in Ponyville. Velvet's Ramen Shop is a Japonese themed restaurant owned and managed by Velvet Song, wife of Friendship Guard Captain Brave Soul.

Along with its Japonese theme, the restaurant has a number of Japonese foods, including Ramen, Curry, and Ramen.


Velvet's Ramen Menu


Breakfast Ramen - Ramen w/ Hard boiled egg and hashbrowns

Sushi Ramen - Ramen w/ bits up raw fish

Diet Ramen - Noodles, edible seaweed, and low fat soup

Vegetarian Ramen - Tofu noodles with vegetable bits

Love Ramen - Ramen w/ Amrita mixed in. (Changelings only)

Spicy Ramen - Chili peppers w/ Spices mixed into the noodles and soup

Gem Ramen - Ramen w/  Gemstone bits (Dragons and half dragons only)


Rice curry - Curry sauce with rice.

Curry Bread (Karē-Pan) - Bread roll filled with curry.

Apple Curry - Curry with apples in the mix

Oyster Curry - Curry with oysters

Love Curry - Curry with amrita. (Changelings Only)

Gem Curry - Curry with Gemstones (Dragons and Half-dragons only)

Spicy Curry - Curry with strong spices.

Specials === Deluxe Ramen - Unique soup mix with hoof-made Noodles

Fireball Curry - Insanely spicy curry. Milk highly recommended

Other Options

Rice Bowl

Salad Bowl

Sides === Rice ball

Bread roll

Beverages === Tea (Hot or Iced)

Apple Cider


Apple Juice

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