A make-up artist from Canterlot who moved to Ponyville to start a new shop called Cassedine Make-up.

Real Name

Valeria Mil Flores Amore Cassedine


Valerie was born in a rich family from Hoofnited Kingdom (which explains her british accent). She always dreamed of being a supermodel. She was enrolled in 'Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns.' where she learned alot of manners and other things she had to learn. She only stayed there for 1 month! She grew up in Canterlot where she became a famous make-up artist. All the ponyrazzi and Celebrities adored her make-up works. She stayed in Canterlot for a few years and moved to Ponyville to start anew


She has a sky blue mane. She has Neon Pink eyes and her resemblance looks a lot like Fleur De Lis. But they're not related.

Manehatten Reason

Valerie's parents wanted her to go to Manehatten cause they said its a decent city but Valerie would rather stay in Canterlot than having a argument with her parents.

Early Life

When Valerie was a little filly she loved going through her mother's dresser and always acted like she was a supermodel. Her parents wanted her to go to Manehattan but she refused to go. Her father went abusive after losing his Job. So Victoria (her mother) brought her and Vanessa (sister) to Canterlot but her sister stayed in Manehatten so the 3 went to different ways. (Vanessa was a filly then and lived with her aunt)

Life in Canterlot

She wanted to go to Canterlot cause of the royalty the city has. She was a make-up artist in Canterlot and did all the celebrity ponies make-up. But she decided to move to Ponyville so she could start a buisness in Ponyville

Moving to Ponyville

She has a store in in Ponyville called Cassedine Make-up, which just opened and is now losing a bit of business but still goes on to show make-up to ponies.

Cutie Mark

Valerie Cutie Mark

Valerie's Cutie Mark

The heart symbolizes her LOVE for make-up and the leaf symbolizes the fresh look she'll give you.


On special occasions go to Valerie's shop or just give her a call. She'll be there to give you a gorgeous new look.