Uncle Orange

Uncle Orange from the episode: The Cutie Mark Chronicles.

Uncle Orange is a member of the Apple Family that lives in the city Manehatten. He is the Uncle of Applejack , Big Macintosh, and Applebloom . Once Applejack came to Manehatten and lived with them for a while. Applejack then left to go back to Ponyville.

Little known fact, Uncle Orange's first and real name is Uncle. He obtained the nickname "Orange" at a family reunion. He has been called Uncle Orange ever since.

Uncle Orange lives the city life. He has a nice apartment, with various stores around him when he needs something. Living in the city, he has grown a sophisticated attitude, so he will act proper and polite. He is a pony that has a big heart. He secretly wants to be helpful to all ponies. Uncle Orange is a pony that likes to have fun, adventure, talking to other ponies, and mainly being with his family. Sometimes, Uncle Orange might have random outbursts, and would just want to do something crazy! Then sometimes, he may just want to spend the day looking at clouds.


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