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What's IRC?

It's the original internet chat room. Pre-AOL! There's a room set up for Twitterponies and a bunch of ponies hang out in there. You can set up private rooms and they are waaaaay more useful for coordinating scenes than Twitter DMs.

The first step in the IRC journey is finding a client. There's lots of them on all platforms. You may also use this . Most people use Mibbit.The rest of this will assume you're using Mibbit.

Next, you need to connect to a server on the right network. The Twitterponies chat is on the Slashnet network, and the server you should use is Mibbit's a little weird; it's got a drop-down list of some popular networks but you don't want those. You want to click the "Server" link so it lets you type in a server. Don't put http:// in front.

You'll also see a box for "nickname" and "room". Your nickname can be whatever you choose (sort of, more on that later.) The room you want is #twitterponies. Don't forget the # sign; it's important. If you're not using mibbit, you may not be able to put in a room right away. I'll get to that in a bit. (If you want to sound like you're an IRC nerd, insist on calling it a "channel" instead of a "room".)

Shortcut If You Know What You're Doing

  • Server:
  • Port number: 6667
  • Channel: #twitterponies

Shortcut if you Don't Know What You're Doing

Here is a direct link to the IRC chat.

This is the main IRC room and your go-to place if you have any questions regarding this community, how it works, or simply advice. Of course, remember to respect the privacy of others and behave accordingly and appropriately.


When you're in an IRC window, you can use commands to do some useful things. All commands are of the form "/command"; they have a slash and the name of the command. If your client dumps you to a server window, you want to get into a chat room. The proper command is join, so you'd type:

/join #twitterponies

And then you'd be whisked off to the appropriate chat. There's lots of other commands, but they're outside the scope of this basic tutorial.


It's possible the nickname you pick will be registered to someone else on the server. You'll figure this out if within 60 seconds your nickname gets switched to something like "Guest1828373828". That nickname's taken, you can't have it. Try another. You can change your nickname using the "nick" command:

/nick TheNameYouWant

It's actually important for you to register your nickname. Not only does it make it harder to impersonate you, sometimes as a spam prevention measure the chat goes in "moderated" mode. You have to have "voice" to chat when that happens, and voice can only be granted to registered nicknames. This is a little involved, but you only have to do it once.

Read The Manual!

First, learn to read the manual. All nickname registration commands start with the nickserv command and take a second command. "/nickserv help" is silly and doesn't tell you much. "/nickserv help commands" lists every possible nickserv command. From there, generally "/nickserv help <command>" will tell you about each command.

Register and Identify

Now, register your nickname. The command is "/nickserv register <passsword> <email>". If you don't give it your email and you forget your password, you won't be able to get your nickname back, so I suggest giving it one. Say you're logged in as BestPony and that's the nickname you want:

/nickserv register ponies

That'll register the nickname BestPony with the password "ponies" and the given email address. Now, each time you log in as BestPony, you've got 60 seconds to identify yourself via password:

/nickserv identify ponies

What To Do If You Derp

Fail to do so and it'll assume you're not really BestPony and change your nickname to something else. But all is not lost! You can get your nickname back. Nickserv tries to help by "holding" a nickname sometimes; when that's the case, *no pony* can use the nickname. You can convince NickServ to let it go though if you can present the password. It works like this:

/nickserv release BestPony ponies

You can also use ghost in place of release.

That's usually enough; you can probably use /nick to change back to your nickname at that point. If not, try reading about recover; that one's useful for if someone else has your nick. (It can happen if you forget to log off somewhere before leaving.)

"Lockdown" Mode

So you've logged into the channel and what's this? You can't speak? Don't worry, it's probably because the channel has gone into "Lockdown" or moderated mode. What that means is that you need to be "voiced", or allowed to send messages to the channel.

The channel is usually in unmoderated mode, which allows anybody to talk. The channel topic (use the command /topic to see it) usually says whether the channel is moderated or not.

We only put the channel into moderated mode to silence spammers, flooders, trolls, and other sorts of troublemakers while your friendly admins discuss the best course of action. If you need voice, just use the /msg command. For example, if our friend BestPony needs voice, he'd first need to register his nickname and then message an admin (the folk with the @ symbol or a star by their nicknames) asking for voice by typing "/msg dragonshardz Please voice me". DS will see you and voice you if he's paying attention. If he's not, just message one of the other channel operators.

Moderated mode can and will be used to let everypony cool down as well.  Sometimes tempers get heated, words start flying, and no one has enough sense to quiet up and let the emotions calm down a bit.  Moderated mode lets that happen.

Interacting with your admins

The admins on the channel are there mainly as participants in the discussion. They are there to talk and chat, coordinate scenes, and work out story lines like everypony else.  But they are ALSO there to keep the channel in a certain state.  #Twitterponies is open to all ages, and we have players of ALL ages that play, including children.  With this in mind, certain things need to be considered when in the IRC channel.

1) Keep swearing to a bare minimum. Use another word. If you do swear, things like, "Oh hell, I just dropped a hammer on my toe." are okay, when used VERY sparingly.  Things like, "Oh yeah, that f--khead!  I f--king hate his guts. F--k that guy." Is a little bit too much, even if this is your first time swearing in the IRC.  Keep in mind, even that will only get you a warning, not a kick or ban, we aren't jerks. Keep it up after repeated warnings, and you will find yourself kicked and/or banned.

2) Sexual references/jokes/etc.  Again, this goes back to the whole, "kids in the chat room" thing.  It is VERY possible there are children in our chat room. We aren't here to fulfill your sexual fantasies in a live chat.  There are online services for that. This is not one of them.

3) Don't argue with your admin/operator.  Sorry, this is not a democracy.  Admins are the dictators that run your life here, if that is how you want to think of it. Honestly though, if the admins are constantly telling you to knock stuff off, cut it out, or otherwise stop doing what you are doing, this channel might not be the best place for you.  You have the ability to make your own channel on the IRC, and if you need a space to vent your frustrations, talk bad about somebody, or fulfill your sexual fantasies, please go make that space and keep it out of our channel. Keep in mind that admins do keep occasionally use /whois to check what channels other users are in, and if you are in a channel devoted to something highly offensive, illegal, or wholly opposed to what Twitterponies is, you might find yourself having a private talk with an admin.

4) TL;DR Admins are there to maintain order and keep your butt in line. Don't argue, don't question - toe the line or you will find yourself kicked, banned, or denied access to the Slashnet network as a whole (if your offenses are egregious enough to warrant it).

Some Tips and Tricks

Not all ponies use the same name they do in the feed - for example, Calyx's player goes by "dragonshardz" in the IRC. He is also the main admin of the channel.

Some players like to change their nickname to reflect their state - for example, Calyx's player frequently changes to dragonSchool when he's at school, dragonSomnia when he's asleep, etc. This is a useful trick, as it lets people know if you're not able to reply immediately.

However, just because the God-Admin is away doesn't mean you can go wild - other trusted people are channel operators, which means they can ban, kick, change to moderated mode, and otherwise do admin-type stuff as appropriate.

Don't assume the God-Admin or channel operators are stupid and can be fooled by disconnecting and reconnecting from the same computer or changing nicknames - they, and everybody else in the channel, can see a unique, encrypted connection ID at any time and can see when you change your nickname.

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