Twibot is a heavily modified golem created by Twilight Sparkle, originally intended to work the treebrary when she was unavailable. Originally modeled after Twilight's unicorn form, she has been re-modeled into an alicorn, and named Princess of Robots. She lives and works with her creator, along with Spike and Aloysius.


While normally serious, she can be very mischievous at times, including the occasional prank.

With a knowledge of the treebrary's books at command, she is fairly intellectual, however, she does not maintain records of the exact contents of the books unless she has read them. She normally does not stop working at night, using the time to do assorted chores around the treebrary.

Twibot runs on more or less the same kinds of fuel as ponies do - sugar. She generates her energy from the sugar she consumes, in addition to a periodic re-charge. Olive oil is her choice of beverage, using it for lubrication.


She has an excellent grasp of her own inner workings, and is capable making minor repairs and adjustments, if required. She also has an good command of magic, brought forth with major study.


Spike - She feels a sense of camaraderie toward the young dragon, akin to a brother-sister relationship. Most of the time she puts up with his antics with a smile and a chuckle.

Twilight - She views Twilight as a mother of sorts, and is treats her with a great deal of professional courtesy, as one would treat their employer.

Sir Ket - Sir Ket is one of her closest friends, and occasional dance partner. He insisted that she discover what she personally enjoys in life, and thus far, she enjoys pursuing this goal.