TwiBat is a bat pony who loves reading books. She is a princess bat pony now. Faithful student to Princess Batlestia. She loves apples so much especially the rare apple called "The Bloody Sweet Apple" She is not that practiced in flying yet but she can fly enough. She is mostly called an "Egghead" by RainbowBat She has been very curious in the "elements of batmony" The elements are RainbowBat AppleBat FlutterBat RarityBat and PinkieBat All of them represent the "elements of batmony" Twilight spends most of her time reading mostly everything about apples and other fruits. Element of Magic like Twilight Sparkle Magic is her passion.

TwiBat's Personality

TwiBat is a very studious bat pony. She is very polite and sometimes has a small temper. She gets easily worried, but is very dependable, especially for Princess CelestiaBat and her friends. Very organized as well. Has mostly the same personality as Twilight Sparkle


If you want to RP with the bat form of Twilight Sparkle Be happy to mention her anytime. She'll be happy to chat.

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