Tux is a dark grey & white unicorn mare. She came alone to Ponyville and quickly set up a junk shop near the edge of town called PONY JUNK. She loves odd and unusual things and spends a lot of time alone, rummaging through garbage bins for discarded treasures late at night with a lantern floating above her head. 


Tux is very friendly! She asks strange questions and grins a little too often, but is unfailingly optimistic and trusting. She'll talk to anyone! 


Not much is known about Tuxedo's past. She's way too occupied with the present to talk about it!


Tux is the proud owner of PONY JUNK, which is Ponyville's premier junk shop. On the outside, it's a little bit dumpy. The name of the shop is painted above the door in blocky white letters, and there are far too many old flower pots sitting around under the windows. The inside of the shop seems a little bigger than the outside, as it is positively bursting with boxes, jars, bins, cans, pots, and all sorts of other containers that are doing their best to contain the mess. Tux spends her nights in a modest back bedroom that contains little furniture. She's way too interested in being out and about than she is in decorating!

Tux has given up keeping stock of her inventory, since she adds to it on a nightly basis. She keeps no ledger at all, but will quickly appraise your selected item with an experienced eye. She firmly believes her shop to be magical. If you're really in need of something, you're likely to find the exact box that contains it! She'll happily point you in the right direction.