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Tropical Shore is an Earth Pony. She also goes by the name Turf. She is a bit of a loner and spends most of her time with Surfette, or Surf .


Turf is a stuck up pony. She is very critical of other ponies, except Surf. She cannot stand most other ponies, as she sees them as weak or stupid. Of course this is all a cover for her massive insecurities. When she isn't around Surf, she is quiet and restrained, hardly talking to any pony at all. When she is around Surf, she is 'outgoing' in that she is overly rude to others, even going out of her way to insult and annoy others.

Life in Ponyville

Turf is a rather lonesome pony, spending most of her time with Surf. She doesn't appear to have a business or a job, so where she gets her money is a bit of a mystery. She can usually be found in the Ponyville market, shopping with Surf and generally causing a ruckus.

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