Treblehoof, born Timothy Hoofington, is an unicorn musician pianist pony from Canterlot.


Treble is a very calm pony he sometimes takes risks no matter what just for his friends. Treble has an intention of seeing a brighter side of things. He can sometimes be very tired and forgetful this side of him tends to let him make very silly mistakes. He is a very open minded pony who can take new challenges. He also has a love for Ice tea !

Treble's Possessions

Treble has a mixture of instruments in his house but he has his favourites such his lucky headphones, his 5 1st place trophies of the Canterlot regional glee competition, his photo of his childhood friends and last but not least his red shades he also has photos of mares he likes but he keeps them hidden from other ponies …


Treble is a very slick Pony when it comes to appearance. He usually wears a red tuxedo with a mixture of sneakers ((Vans)). He loves his fedora. Trebles eyes are bright Turquoise his hair is medium length with a mixture of Chesnutt brown and hazel brown. He is slightly taller than the average pony. He has a very healthy body meaning he has a some muscles.


Timothy Hoofington grew up in a very privileged family called the Hoofington’s they were known for being one of the 3rd richest Families in Equestria. Being the youngest of the family Treble always got treated as the baby even on his 20th birthday. As a fact many of Treble’s aunts and uncles lived in the Village of Hoofington. Treble’s mother and father insisted not to live there as they wanted a better life for young Treble and his brother and sister. As a matter of fact the family lived in Canterlot . Other reasons why they did not live in Hoofington was because Treble’s parents had ambitions to live a more creative life instead to working as a business people.

As Treble grew up in Canterlot his parents had followed their dreams in arts and crafts. His father is the head chef for Princess Celestia and his mother is known to be one of Equestria’s best artists. Treble’s parents had an intention of discovering their children’s hidden talents helping them get there cutie mark his brother and sister had got theirs straight away when they were at school. For Treble in the other hand it was a different story he never wanted to become an artist like his mother or a chef like his father. He always liked to be alone. When Treble was first born his parents noticed Treble banging on the table making a beat as he got older the beat turned into humming his parents knew that Treble should be a singer. His parents got him into the school choir but as most things he felt really embarrassed and shy so he decided he didn’t want to sing even dough he had a great singing voice .His parents knew he had a talent for music but they decided to let Treble find it in him by himself. One day his parents had bought a piano for the house as decoration and for social parties, Treble didn’t know much about playing the Piano at all he never even took a good look at it at all.

How his love for music properly begun ...

As the months passed Treble felt tempted to press one key of the piano just to hear how it was like then 2 keys then 3 keys and so on until he begun to make his own melody as learning how to play other well-known melodies too. One day while his parents had gone out Treble had headed towards the room his brother was at the swimming pool and his sister was talking with her friends outside. Treble had decided to head onto the piano again to play until he had a shock his parents had arrived early to hear Treble singing again while playing the piano . His parents knew for sure what his Ambition was.

Treble’s Childhood Hobbies and clubs

Treble’s parents decided what club he should be in at school and he chose to be in the orchestra and the glee club as the pianist and nothing else. Treble had fun being in the two clubs he gained a lot of friends from the club and his character grew from there no more shy isolated Treble he had a circle of friends to hang out with at school. One night the glee club at his school had lost a singer and it was left to Treble to sing or the show wouldn’t go on at all. Treble to sing and play the piano and that is what he did. The glee club had a great show and decided to enter the Canterlot Regionals competition the team had come first place 5 years in a row as of fact the first time they won. Treble performed a solo whilst singing he had helped the club win them first place for the first time this also the story of how he got his cutie mark.

Treble’s life after school / Reason why he moved to Ponyvile

Treble’s musical abilities widened over the years he was able to play any instrument he wanted to at any time he preferred the piano, Trumpet and guitar. His parents were very proud of him but being a musician he got the fame and the fame brought him no privacy in his life at all. He would be invited to hang out with the elites every day, make advertisement merchandise such Dr.Tre’s neat’s that were cool new shades and even posters of him. Treble Hated the publicity he was getting he was known as the lead singer for the glee club . Treble couldn’t take any longer as his privacy kept on being invaded .

Where does he live now ?

Treble had decided to keep his house in Canterlot and convert that into a studio he only went to the studio at night as no Pony paparazzi would see him at that time. He moved to Ponyvile for another reason they were cut off with all the news in Canterlot except royal events this helped Treble live his normal life but he had to change his name as he recognized certain Ponies from Canterlot so he had changed his name to TrebleHoof .Treble needed a new look for himself so he decided to head on with the Suit, Fedora and shades look earlier when he first moved he had a stubble so he was hardly recognizable and gradually as he begun to fit in he shaved. Today he now hangs out with his new friends in Ponyvile and sometimes performs at formal events and sometimes privately for the royals. Treble currently is getting into electronic music and stuff like that with a mixture of piano and guitar.


  • He can play multiple instruments as he has a musical cutie mark the main intruments that he currently plays the Piano , guitar , synthsizer and Trumpet
  • He can create sound-waves which depend on how much magic and melodies he uses on the spell
  • He can also sing
  • Treble is a bit of a chef well.. not that much but he learnt a few recipies from his dad

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