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Early Years

Tranquil was born in the Equstrian city of Manehattan. Her original name was Jasmine Marinheart. When she was a little filly, her parents weren't ever around due to business. Her mother is a co-executive of a pharmaceutical company while her father was a investor at the Bank of Manehattan Jasmine started practicing different techniques to help relax them. She had learned these different techniques at the local spa she went to every weekend. She always observed closely at how the spa ponies treated their customers and how they relaxed them. Since Jasmine's parents were always busy ponies, she practiced different massage techniques on them when they come home tired from work. It was one day while she was massaging her father's shoulders, he told her that he and her mother being around her always helped them find tranquility. And so that's where she change her name to Tranquil Zen.

College Years

Tranquil got her bachelor's degree from the University of Manehattan, where she majored in Pony Anatomy and minored in Pony Performance. While she was in school, she worked part time with the city's weather team. She helped clear clouds, push cloud, bring in storm cloud, a little bit of everything. She was always known for being one of the stronger female flyers in the team. In fact, one co worker once suggested that Tranquil should try out for the Wonderbolts, but she politely declines since she feels that it's "out of her league". Once she graduated, she worked for about two years at the Manehattan City Spa where she became co-manager for a short time. Then one day, she decided that she's had enough of the city life and wanted to move to a more peaceful, quiet setting to really jumpstart her career as a massuse. That's when she decided to move to the town of Ponyville.


Tranquil has the personality of rich mare since that's the environment she grew up around. Though at the same time, she's down to earth about things and a lot more laid back than most ponies of that nature. She's a pony who always wants to find peace and harmony, so she rarely ever gets angry or sad unless it's completely necessary. When she works with her spa clients, she does whatever she can to make them really feel at home and relaxed as much as she can. She hopes to one day to reach nirvana and teach what she's learned to those lot younger than her.

A Touch of Zen

A Touch of Zen is Tranquil's dream spa she's always wanted to run. Located next to her cottage just outside of Whitetail Woods, A Touch of Zen is basically. smaller version of the Ponyville Spa The main difference is that she is able to perform her special talent, accupressure. A special kind of massage to particular pressure points of a fatigued body. Tranquil has a policy that all first time customers can have as much as a full spa treatment for free. Her spa offers massages, sauna, steam room, mud bath, facials, hooficures, hot tub, etc.

She also offers yoga, meditation, and accupressure classes for a small fee and also offers private tutoring.

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