Got somepony in mind or have one already? Missed out on your chance on Hearts and Hooves day but would like another shot? Or just wanna have some fun and cut loose? Well here it is!

Cause it's gonna be a sweet - Sweet Somepony Dance! February 14th and its gonna be at the Town Hall. Things will get started up at 9 o'clock and be ready to trot away happy at midnight. Bring your flowers, sweets, treats, drinks, beats and happy hooves and have fun. See you there!

Alright Ponies... here's it is! We got some very special ponies that will be making their appearances on this venue to give our special thanks to that helped make this possible...

We have some catering done from these great new restaurants in Ponyville:

Cirrus and his Cirrus' Chilly Confections whipping up some special batches of ice cream to cool you off. Bringing Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Rocky Road, Mint Chocolate to the table and... Hot Cocoa? Uh-oh, whats this? Hot Ice Cream? Yes, that's right! To heat up those with cold hooves come and try some!

Horte and his classy restaurant Horte's Cafe dressing up some savory gourmet sandwiches.

And some treat's from the ponies and dragons we know and love:

Applejack with muzzle smacking beverages straight from the farm!

Spike to tantalize your taste buds from his skilled culinary creations.

Treats so good it should be bad, from the creations of Pinkie Pie, Mr. Cake and Mrs. Cake at the building that looks good enough to eat Sugar Cube Corner we got chocolate, strawberry and lemon cupcakes, plenty for all.

Roseluck... no-no-no put the flower down it's not for eating, instead she is bringing her gifts of affection for you to give to somepony to show you care. Courtesy of Roseluck.


by none other than Vinyl Scratch and special appearance by Big McIntosh himself to help make sure everypony is on the dance floor.

But wait a minute, that's not all ponies, we got singers too. Yup, Punkie Dee and Sweetie Pie but now Sweetie Score and don't you be forgetting the "Mrs." (BTTF reference).

Wanna play a tune, play an instrument, sing, bust-a-move up on stage? Well don't just stand there come on up and show us what you got to impress somepony!

Special guest appearance:

The WonderBolts! Uh-huh, yes I said that right. A couple members will be showing up as a meet and greet and who knows maybe more will be there. Bring your autograph books!

Special guest of honor:

Bring your manners too, the fun has been doubled because we may be having with us, depending on if royal duty calls or not will be our selene Princess of the night, Princess Luna!


By the creative and helpful hooves of Rarity.

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