Just as in life, time can be complicated in RP. Unlike a more traditional fiction, RP has a bit of real-time aspect to it. Unlike a LARP, you don't have to be limited by how time is passing in reality. So it's worth considering a few general points about time in the Twitterponies RP.

Equestrian Standard Time

The time zone for the RP is the US Eastern Time Zone. Because of Daylight Savings Time, this is EST (GMT -5) in Autumn/Winter and EDT (GMT -4) in Spring/Summer. Events scheduled in-feed use this time zone.

If you do not plan on using Equestrian Standard Time when scheduling your event, make sure to indicate the time zone for any times you mention. Optimally, include the GMT offset. Or, to make things easy, just use Equestrian Standard Time. There are plenty of online tools that help you convert from your time zone to others and vice versa.

RP Time and Real Life

Time moves slower than you'd think in Twitter RP. I find that in general it takes 5 minutes per tweet. That doesn't sound bad until you realize a simple "baking cookies" scene with 14 tweets (a scant 7 per character) will run for 1 hour and 20 minutes! So you have to sometimes lie a bit about what time it is, especially if you want to hit events like a sunset/sunrise. This is OK, but it works best for your readers if you make it clear you're a bit temporally removed from reality.

For example, say I want a particular scene to happen at sunset, but sunset in Equestrian Standard Time is too early for me. My companion and I will agree on a time, and our tweets may go down something like this:

Roseluck: *About an hour before sunset, Roseluck approaches Phonesmusher Hill to meet the wiki.*
Wiki: Gee, I sure hope this sunset is pretty, @mlp_Roseluck.
Roseluck: AHHHH! A talking wiki! THE HORROR! THE HORROR! *faints*
Wiki: *Steals Roseluck's saddlebags.*

The first few tweets "set the stage", so to speak. Through player magic, it hurtles the reader through time. Consider it. If you're worried about rejoining reality, just get a little creative:

Roseluck: *After saying goodbye to the wiki, Roseluck walks home and passes some time reading a magazine article.*

This works both ways; don't feel guilty about eating breakfast at noon if it means you had fun making a mess in the kitchen with a friend. You can always synch up with reality later! Time is subject to the #1 rule of Twitterponies: have fun!

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