Tie Clockwork is a Pegasus, who is great at fixing clocks and fixing things he loves his girlfriend Unchi Clockshi which is very small and loves the outdoors and playing.


Clockwork is a very grateful, and non-fussy man he likes being very still and clean he loves to play with his girlfriend and sometimes he loves just messing around.

He is also very organized with all his papers because they are very important to him because they show everything in his lifetime. He loves his girlfriend and he will do anything for her he is a very happy pony.

He is very funny, he likes telling jokes 'bout clocks and other things which makes everyone laugh and shout and letting it all out. He is often fixing clocks around the houses because sometimes they get broken by "messing around" a lot.


Clockwork is a very slow flyer because he takes him time doin' stuff very neatly, he loves to play around sometimes which makes him go very very fast he is the best hugger in the world his girlfriend told him.

He is very skilled with clocks he always knows what time it is because he has a lot of clocks in his jacket a home he also has a lot of clocks in his room, he is very very skilled with those clocks and does everything to keep them safe from getting damaged.


Unchi Clockshi – Clockwork is the boyfriend of her how they met was way back when they we're in the grades of the elementary they we're talking 'bout things and they wanted to be friends kinda because they we're partners in all of there classes. So that's how they be came girlfriend and boyfriend!

Vin Shichi – Vin is a pet for him he is an owl that delivers mail for him and almost a great friend to Unchi Clockshi when she is lonely without clockwork.