Tick Clock is a young inventor with a workshop on the outskirts of Ponyville, where he invents new things or improves on old ones.


Tick Clock was born in Manehattan and lived on the streets using his skills to make elaborate ways to steal food as well as any other priority he needed.

During his young teen years, he began to use his talents to help ponies, such as building mechanical legs for ponies who couldn't trot or mechanical wings for pegasi who couldn't fly, for this he required only a small fee so he could get by and save up bits.

As he became a young adult, he had earned enough bits to move to Ponyville where he purchased a small workshop, from which he built a house connecting to it.


Tick is mainly skilled in invention, and clockwork, even going as far as being able to hear every gear turn inside a clock.

Through study of his abilities, he is also able to make deductive observations to ponies, animals and other devices, like a clock. His deductive skills even reached a point where the royal guard approached him and asked him to work as a detective, this was short-lived as he then left in love of invention.


Tick's cutiemark is a wrench and gear to show his skills with invention, but also a clock to show his love for clockwork, it is argued that the clock can also explain Tick's way of finding what makes ponies tick.

He obtained this cutiemark whilst helping a filly learn how to trot for the first time with a mechanical hind leg which he had invented for her.