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Tick Tock is a retired pony living in PonyVille. He repairs all sorts of clocks for a living, but his specialty is spring clocks. He owns "Tick Tock's Watch Shop."

Cutie Mark

Tick found his special talent, repairing clocks, when he was about 15 years old. He likes this job, it's his life's passion.


Born and raised in Switzermane, Tick learned much about clocks, and became an expert in fixing spring clocks. He moved to PonyVille, due to a calmer life style. To his surprise, he found quite the opposite. He likes PonyVille, though.


Tick likes to keep to himself, but once you meet him, he's a very friendly pony. He'd love to show you his newest invention!


He's currently working on something. All will be revealed later!

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