Thunderstruck is a pegasus mare first seen in "Top Bolt" as a young filly and the eldest sister of Sky Stinger.As an adult, she works for the Cloudsdale Weather Factory on a weather team.


Thunderstruck's mane and tail are her main identifier, the unusual shape seeming to be a trademark in her family. Due to her work, her body is usually charged with static electricity, in fact her mane has been known to discharge tiny bolts of lightning.


With a large family, it's hard to keep in touch. Her parents both worked at the weather factory to help support the five growing foals. Most notably is her relation to Sky Stinger, a newly recruited Wonderbolt Cadet.


Thunderstruck earned her cutiemark at a young age, when a wayward thundercloud escaped from the weather factory in Cloudsdale. With the cloud threatening one of her siblings first flying lesson, she fearlessly flew at it, breaking the cloud apart and saving the lesson.

Since then, she's made it a point to immerse herself in storms, sometimes flying right into them at reckless abandon.


Prideful, scruffy, and loyal to the end, she's just your average pegasus.


As soon as she was able, Thunderstruck got herself a job at the weather factory in the storm department. Thanks to her knowledge of storms and her fearless disposition, she was given the job of monitoring supercells and intervening if necessary. At times, her job is dangerous-- winds up to 90 mph, heavy rain, and lightning plague her, and she's seen a fair amount of tornadoes in her day.