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Thunder Crackle is from Cloudsdale but has moved twice to Apploosa and finally Ponyville. Has one brother and is 20 years old.

General Background

Thunder grew up in Cloudsdale but grew tired of life of being a weather pony in the weather factory. Only producing Thunder and Lightning became tiresome and boring since she never meet any new ponies. Because of this she decided to move to Apploosa, it was a new place and she could meet new ponies, however the weather wasn't what she wanted so she decided to move to Ponyville and is still there today. She lives on the outskirts of Ponyville in a cottage with her pet bird Archimedes. She works to control the weather in Ponyville with all the other Pegasi and has recently opened a weather pony training camp and is incredibly proud of her first student Capriccio.

Skills and Abilities

Producing Thunder and Lightning is an ability Thunder wouldn't want to live without and she can fly at high speeds easily. She loves a good thunder storm and can easily control what she creates. She also likes to try her hoof at some cloud sculpting when she as the time.

Cutie Mark

Thunder has a gold cutie mark that is a lightning bolt surrounded by 4 simple stars. She earned it when a thunder storm was about to erupt in the weather factory while her father was showing her round. She helped her father calm it down but it she soon managed to do it all on her own, her ability to conduct the static electricity without harming herself  was clear when she contained the worse of the thunder clouds herself. Incredibly proud her father managed to enrol her in the young weather pony section of the factory for her to learn and practise her skills.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Racing
  • Reading
  • Meeting new Ponies
  • Walking through the park


  • Butterflies
  • Snow

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