ThunderBolt (or Thunder for his friends) is a grey pegasus. He loves flying fast and making ponies happy. He hates fighting but does not hesitate to put himself in danger to protect his friends. Unfortunately he can't remember his past.


Thunder is always excited, even when tired. He loves meeting new ponies and making his friends happy. That is why he smiles most of time, even when he is sad. He doesn't want to share his saddnes with the other ponies.

But sometimes he likes being alone to take a nap on a cloud or to fly.

Talking about flight, Thunder loves flying. He can't imagine his life without his wings and is always ready for a race.


Winter Thunder 2014


Thunder is amnesic so he can't remember where he was born or where he lived.

Apparently he became amnesic since an accident ; it provoques nightmares and lose of control when his friends are attacked.

After meeting  Aliax at Ponyville, Thunder started to see the good side of life. They're so close now that they consider themselve as brothers.

One night, Thunder has been bitten by  Sulphur and turned into a werepony (Sulphur is a werepony).


Thunder is able to fly at speed of sound but is not fast enough for a Sonic Rainboom. On the ground he can't run during a long period.

During the night he becomes a werepony. Is fur is darker then usual and he can't use his wings. But he runs faster and he's stronger.

Cutie Mark

His cutie mark is a dark cloud with a yellow Lightning Bolt which represents his love for speed.

ThunderBolt's CM

Thunder's Cuttie Mark


  • His full name is ThunderBolt but his friends call him Thunder.
  • He is amnesic and doesn't remember his past
  • He fly at speed of sound but not fast enough for a Sonic Rainboom.
  • He's really proud of his speed.
  • He considers  Aliax and  Nova as his brothers.
  • Since he has been bitten during a night, Thunder is a werepony.
  • He suffers from double personnality. He changes only when his friends are attacked.
  • He understands Prench.
  • He loves snow and making Lightning Bolts
  • He is afraid of bugs.