The SCPony Foundation is the division of the SCP sent to record and contain paranormal occurences in Equestria.

The base, where all the agents can be found is located in ██████████, near the █████████.


Dr. James ███████████, after researching parallel dimensions, sent in a team of SCP agents through the inter-dimensional portal in Warehouse ███████-B. After traveling, the agents and doctors (a group of 7) found themselves to be turned into ponies. They then met up with SCP Agent Omega, who had researched and collected files on all the ponies, pegasi, and unicorns already. The team proceeded to set up the base and begin operations. The first investigation the leader, Alpha, conducted was of Doctor Whooves' TARDIS. After this failed due to strong resistance, the team retreated and continued to operate covertly.

Agent Delta

When the area was decided to be safe enough, the rest of the team left, leaving only Agent Delta. After wrapping up the loose ends of the previous missions, Delta was left to just maintain the facility. Delta is a pegasus, but after a crippling accident, he is no longer able to use his wings to fly. As a result, he usually keeps SCP-429 on his hoof for long journeys. Not able to maintain the facility by himself (and also feeling a bit lonely), Delta recruited some local residents of Ponyville. Currently,  mlp_Dawn and  mlp_Red work there with him. All personnel reside on site.


While trying to contain the SCPs, it is inevitable that one gets out from time to time. Notable incident 113, which involved Soothing Words, Quorl Changeling, and (obviously) SCP-113. Various sentient SCPs have escaped, or attempted to escape as well. Red handled the escape of 1049 (The Bone Owl) on his own. Since there are only 3 agents, there is no need for traditional ranks of the SCP Foundation. While Agent Delta has more experience, all personnel have the same privileged as each other. Because of this, personnel are allowed to use safe level SCPs to their own discretion. An example of this is Dawn using SCP-914 to modify a tent for a friend.