A word about tonight's (March 28, 2012) role play, the big séance in the Treebrary. I threw this together because I wanted to show, in the clearest possible way, just how much power and joy and fun we can have.


This was designed to include EVERYONE. Mane 6? OC? Newbie? Oldtimer? Got a ton of friends? Got almost no friends? Rarely get to go to the Treebrary, or always hang out there? None of that mattered. You could just come.


EVERYONE could participate. Just say the magic hashtag (#Snackacadabra) and have a conversation with yourself. Are people watching? Maybe. Who cares, you got to have fun.


Choose your own tone. Want something silly? Summon a spatula spirit. Want something epic? Summon a long-passed mage to send you on a quest. Want something dramatic? Summon your long-lost love and finally get to tell them how you feel. One scene, multiple freedom of tone.


The sky's the limit.

Lessons Learned

  • You CAN include everyone, anyone, and not be overwhelmed.
  • You can accommodate all tastes and it still leaves you room for your own fun.
  • People can do their own little scenes inside your own and even if you aren't following them and don't see them, doesn't matter, they're still having fun.
  • You can invite everyone and not be afraid. You can also ignore people as they take the thread in their own directions, and not be afraid of being sucked into their plot.

Remember This!

  • The next time someone says, "I can't RP with all these OCs and Newbies swarming me!" Remember this.
  • The next time someone says, "The mane 6 never interact with me!" Remember this.
  • The next time someone says, "I don't want to play that kind of RP." Remember this.
  • The next time someone says, "Everyone ignores me." Remember this.
  • The next time someone says, "There's no room for me to start my own ideas." Remember this.
  • The next time someone says, "Other people's bad RP ruins it for me." Remember this

Our power is without limit. Just get out there and do it!!


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