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The Gryphon Kingdom Emblem and Insignia.

This is an original idea by Sky's player, I just randomly thought of this and thought it would be fun for all Gryphons and Ponies! Please look this over!!

((Note. Olivia Smoshberry and Sky Header have the same writer. Just thought I'd share that with you ^^))

What is this? Edit

This is a tradition that is held yearly during January in the TwistSpire woods in the Gryphon Kingdom

Fun for all? Edit

There will be plenty to do for Gryphons and Ponies alike! Pie eating contests,Spear throwing compitions, boat racing and much more!

When? Edit

Its occurs around the week of january 24-31th. One week of fun and traditions!

How? Edit

Ponies and Gryphons will travel to the Gryphon Kingdom and partcipate the festivities and will be over looked by King GriffionVI and Ambassedress Sky Header.

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