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The Flare Family is a family of Pegasi who live in Ponyville, Equestria. The mother, Nimbus Flare is the mother of one stallion, Saturn Flare and three mares, Indie Flare, Navi Flare, Lucio Flare.


The two parents of Nimbus Flare, Stratus and Cumulus originated the family
Flare Family

Stratus and Cumulus Flare, the parents of Nimbus.

in the United Kingdom of Braytain and were of Irish descent.. They're previous last names are unknown however neither were "Flare". They both took on the last name "Flare" to escape the previous, undiscusted corruption of their previous families. Both pegasi had Nimbus Flare in '72.

Both pegasi new how to race and how sing, where as Nimbus only wanted to raise a family of her own family and make the family name bigger. As Nimbus grew her love for music and nature begin to blossum. she went on to be a model at age 17.

At age 17, before her first photoshoo
Flare Family 1

Wind and Nimbus Flare.

t, Nimbus Flare married Wind Flare, a strong pegasus stallion with a very noticable sense of humor. The couple were very young but the love was magical and Wind would do anything to protect her. Wind was a royal guard for a couple of years.

The couple gave birth to Saturn Flare, her only colt stallion. Two years later she gave birth to Indie Flare, their second youngest and a couple of years later, Navi Flare came along and Lucio Flare's birth followed. On August 30th, Nimbus's eldest and only son, Saturn, adopted Infinity Flare, an orphan foal from Manehatten. The family is best known for their lovable personality and care for others.

List of Family Members

Nimbus Flare - Mother of the fold and friend of nature.

Wind Flare - The distant father of the fold. Strong Pegasus stallion

Saturn Flare - The only colt in the family. Lover of his music and loving brother.

Indie Flare - The eldest of the mares. Loving and overprotective sister

Navi Flare - Second youngest of the fold.

Lucio Flare - The filly of the fold.

Infinity Flare - Adopted daughter of Saturn.

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