Five friends must rescue a sixth after a misunderstanding caused him to rush off headlong into danger. Along the way they face fatigue, danger, Timberwolves, dragons, an evil theater magnate and even one of their own as they discover just how far they're willing to go to help each other.

(Original "Summary" from MavenClash) "Dude, it was awesome! Bolt, Ellie, Rarity, Quickdraw, Snapshot, and Qwerty and stuff went to the dragonlands, then then Desiree Masquerade showed up and stuff went DOWN. It ruled!"

* * *

Dramatis Personae (Those Pony Folks Involved)

In Order of Appearance:

Ellie Phantasie (@mlp_Ellie)

Bolt McRunfast (@mlp_McRunFast)

Skyra (@mlp_Skyra)

Snapshot Frame (@mlp_Snapshot)

Quick Draw (@mlp_QuickDraw)

Dust Devil (@mlp_DustDevil)

Cerulean Tales (@mlp_Cer)

Desiree Masquerade (@mlp_DesireMasq)

The Old Grey One (@mlp_TheOldGrey)

Toby the Toucan (@mlp_TobyToucan)

Nightwing the Bat (@mlp_Batty)

Rarity Unicorn (@mlp_Rarity)

* * *

((Note from the Compiler: For the most part I've attempted to keep the tweets in their original forms. They've also been ordered in the best way I can. OOC comments (Except a few for humor's sake), Mentions and Hashtags have been removed in the text and replaced with proper names where appropriate. The only ommissions have been in places where it's important for continuity's sake. In even more rare occasions, something may be added for additional information, these will be italicized.

As you go through, know that the text uses "relatively" standard RP syntax. * = Action, () = A Character's thought, "" = A character speaking that is /not/ the one indicated and normal dialogue contains no punctuation at all.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy the adventure and please leave your comments at the bottom!

-Bolt McRunfast))

The Desiree Masquerade Adventure:

(Wednesday, September 5, 2012)

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