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The Crystal Guard is the Crystal Empire's security. At its head is Shining Armor. It is comprised of several young stallions and mares. As the Empire is still young (after its recent resurfacing, that is), it is in need of more dedicated soldiers.

Recruitment Week

Recruitment Week is FIVE days long and runs from December 17 to December 21. During this time, ponies interested in joining the guard are invited to come up to the Crystal Empire and show their stuff.  MLP_CadGuard and  MLP_CrystGuard will be running the "boot camp" (so please follow them!). No offers of employment with the Crystal Empire will be made, but those who hope to join the Crystal Guard should come up for a time period (less than a day to the full five days is fine) and show off their skills.

During this time, there will be no planned interaction with either Shining Armor or Princess Cadance.

Interested ponies should RP by themselves or with other ponies, should other recruits show up.  MLP_CadGuard and  MLP_CrystGuard will be around for recruits to interact with as well.

Things that recruits can do during this time:

  • Learn to joust and/or practice jousting
  • Work on absolute concentration
  • Run laps on the track field
  • Participate in "Olympic"-type games to prove their prowess

At the end of night on December 21, anypony who shows good RPing skills and a good character may be asked to come back sometime in January to train a little more seriously with  MLP_CadGuard and  MLP_CrystGuard.

OOC Notes

If you want to participate, here are some notes and tips.

  1. Do not expect to roleplay with Shining Armor or Princess Cadance.
  2. Coming to the Recruitment Week in the Crystal Empire does not make your OC a Crystal Guard.
  3. Follow  MLP_CadGuard and  MLP_CrystGuard. They will be leading the boot camp.
  4. You must be capable of RPing with yourself or finding someone to RP with. This is what interests us in choosing somepony to join the Crystal Guard. If you require somepony else to RP, then this may not be for you. This boot camp requires effort on your part, not ours.
  5. We reserve the right to ignore anypony who cannot follow these simple guidelines.
  6. If you have questions, please contact  MLP_CadGuard and  MLP_CrystGuard through mentions or DMs.

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