Hofkiin se Liz

"The old home of the dragon kings, now the largest ice mountain in the north."
Frozen temple by pk87-d32o537

Art by; pk87 of DA

The ancient temple was once a grand place. The halls were warm and full of life and color. Then, after the fall of the kingdom, it froze over. Losing it's warm colors, fading to a dull grey. Over time, it started to freeze over even more, eventually accumulating the massive amount of ice encasing it today. Now, only the high tower and part of the central roof are above the ice.

Treasure Troves

"Hidden deep within the icy halls, there are numerous riches, begging to be found. All one needs to do, is reach out, and take it"

It is rumored that deep inside the many chambers and halls, the kings kept hoards fabled to be far larger than the Dragon King's.

The Library

The temple was the location of the main library in the community, containing many old stories, non-fiction books of the time, and also houses the records of the citizens in another section. One of the few rooms not destroyed by the ice.

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