Tails' house

Chateau Quatermane. The door on the left leads to the Theater.

Chateau Quatermane is the residency of Ponyville's own bard Tailsin Quatermane and his family. It has three floors, two special rooms (not counting the basement) and is in general a nice place for friends to gather.


  • Tailsin
  • Kiki Catchem
  • Banana Splits (daughter - filly)
  • Jimmy (son - unicorn [adopted])
  • EmberGlow (daughter - pegafoal)
  • Leif (son - unifoal)
  • Bellatrix (the Cat)
  • Feria (a fairy)
  • Terry Dactyl

First floor

The first floor of the house is rather generic, consisting of a foyer/hall, bathroom, living room, reading room, kitchen, and library - containing a collection of books, mostly historical fiction, fantasy, or fairy tales, as well as his personal collection: books written by him or family members/ancestors.

Second floor

The second floor contains the master bedroom, two guest rooms, Banana's room, a spare room of unknown purpose, another bathroom, and Tails' study, which has a fireplace and a small assortment of shelves, furniture, and a cot, which his nephew Dashing often sleeps on. There is also a small attic in the roof, which is really just wasted space and a breeding ground for dust, bats, and small furry rodents.


the basement is Tailsin's pride and joy, for it in itself is one large theater. Soon to be opened to the public, Tailsins' theater is aimed to be a place for ponies to go sit and enjoy a good matinee or play, or look for a job even! Only a small part of the basement is used as storage.


The only thing to note about the outside of Tailsin's house is his backyard, which has a permanent campfire arrangement set up, as well as some trees. Not an exceptionally large backyard, it has space enough for excersise to be had, as Tailsin enjoys an occasional meditation and outdoor training session or just recreation

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