A serious, yet calm batpony. He'll stay loyal to you, honest, and generous.

He has a bit of a temper, but that is channeled into his fighting spirit. He's courageous, kind, and has quite the heart.


Synthmix has a dark blue fur coat. His mane and tail both have the colors of neon red and neon blue. His mane has the style of what appears to be a neon blue curved blade with a neon red curved blade below the other color. The rest of the mane mellows out at the end. His tail has the looks of spikes on it. He stands taller then the average pony, his wings being quite large as well. He often keeps his eyes open and a serious face.

Cutie Mark

He earned his cutie mark when he was out in the night. He did most of the things during the night during this time of his life, and he still does. But when he realized it, he was a pony of the night. Realizing so, he gained his cutie mark and now stays where it is.


Synthmix first worked as a DJ when he first came to Ponyville, that lasting for sadly he short time. He does however still continue his music creating career, being a natural part of him. He later became a outlaw, which didn't have much income really, other than acts of vigilance that just so happened to put a few bits into the bag. He later became an engineer, and keeps many designs and still pursues it as a job today. He picked up being a freelancer, which lasted for a short while before his group was disbanded. During his older freelance days, he picked up being a monster hunter. Helping maintain the peace of Equestria was something he enjoyed most, and still enjoys doing today.

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