He is a pony that dons't sleep much you can find him out in about as much during the day as you can at night. We works as a weather pony for pony ville during the night shift.


While avously not the fasting pony around. ((Whom he dose idol a bit)) He is one of the fastes ponys the night crew has ever seen. He also can fly to great hights almost reaching to space.

Bat Pony

He recnelty became a bat pony (not to be comfued with the "Vapire Furit Bat Ponies"), witch come with a few perks he could fly faster then befor (still not the fastest however), can see much better in the dark, and can summon minnon bats to do his bitting, while he dose need blood every once in a while, it dosn't have to be from ponies, infact he activley avoids taking blood or biting ponies, unless they ask for some reason.

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