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Sweetie Score (Formerly Sweetie Pie) is an earth pony who currently lives in Ponyville with her husband Final Score. Her Hometown is Manehattan.


Born to a family in the bakery business, she has always had a keen business mind and a talent for baking, which is what her cutie mark shows.

She is also know to have had a sweet nature as a filly, babysitting various close customers foals and even teaching one how to make a Sweetie Surprise. This has grown into a very motherly personality growing up.



Born in Manehattan, she was the only child of the cake making couple Mr and Mrs Pie from the World Famous Cake shop "The Bakery" in Manehatten. From a very young age she was taught how to bake various treats and more importantly how to work the shop.

As she started working in the shop, she began getting business training at the Manehatten Business College which her dad paid for and she excelled. Ever since she has been groomed into becoming the eventual owner of the shop as retirement draws closer to her parents.

Arriving in Ponyville

After living dependently in Manehatten for most of her life, she decided to branch out and go off and visit all the places in Equestria. After a hoofball game she spotted Final Score coming out of the stadium. She rushed off and got her ball signed from him, thus starting a whirlwind romance.

They eventually decided to move in together with her father's blessing.


Sweetie is extremely talented at baking and has won numerous ribbons and trophies throughout her career. She had the honor of catering for the Grand Galloping Gala for three straight years. One which included the baking of the biggest cake in Equestria. It was destroyed when the Gala was gatecrashed by wild garden animals.


He met her Husband Final Score while in Manehatten for a game. She asked him to sign her hoofball and he did so, but he never forgot her. Later on he met her at a party and worked up the courage to ask her on a date. She accepted and soon after, the two were dating. He finally asked her to marry him when she moved to Ponyville and agreed to live with him. They were married by the lake in Ponyville surrounded by loved ones.

She is the only foal of Marianne and Sebastian Pie. She is also Auntie to Pisqueek and Adopted mother of Stygian Bolt, whom she took on when she moved in with Final Score. She is also the legal guardian of Sai Clone, a Fillydelphian Pegasus Filly who famously caused a whirlwind in Fillydelphia and destroyed Rainbow Dash's Cloud.


Sweetie Pie's cutie mark is a cake slice, rumoured to be a Sweetie Special.

-She is a distant cousin of Pinkie Pie, as her dad is the brother of Sweetie's Dad. Although most ponies think they are twin sisters, as they share the same colour and have a similar mane.

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