Suzy Starmaker of the Canterlot Starmakers, cherished daughter of General Ulysses Starmaker of Her Majesty's Guardpony and debutante Gertrude "Strudel" Starmaker, however is an international pony that can stay in one city for too long. (also the younger sister of  "Colt" Stellation Starmaker)


Suzy Starmaker is a very kind and generous pony who believes that, as per the Starmaker mantra, anypony can become a star in there own right given the right motivation, hard work, and inspiration. However she does tend to go a little far with her inspiration, especially when it is something she has never actually done herself. Despite all of this she truly does mean well though.

She despises those who think it is right to look down on others due to her upbringing, and even though she was born in a prestigious family, she knows that it was through her parents hard work. She is determined to make all ponies dreams come true and will do anything in her power to do so.

She also adores everything and most of all her fans, always ready to sign an autograph, despite what her entourage may tell her otherwise. And despite what others say, she is the most hardest on herself, always stating that anything she did was rubbish but that it was her fault and never the fault of any other pony.


Born from the prestigious Starmaker family, her father, General Ulysses Starmaker, and her mother, famous debutante Gertrude "Strudel" Starmaker. As they had lost there first son when he was young, they did everything they could possibly do to make sure they weren't losing this filly that they thank Celestia they were able to have.

And not only did that mean doing everything for her protection, but that meant making sure that she had the best life a filly could ever have. She was able to go to the most prestigious schools in Canterlot and would be watched over by some of the Guardpony 24/7. This almost causes suspicions between the Guardpony ranks, however since the General had done so much and they all knew of the lose of his son, they had little to go against it.

Eventually she would learn that what good was being able to have anything you wanted if you couldn't do anything to help others out. And with that, much to the surprise of her parents, when Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns cancelled the school play that year, due to the unknown reasons, that she stepped up and said she would put on the play. She stated that this was the chance for a lot of pony to get their cutie marks and she wasn't just going to lie down as they're dreams were taken away over something they had no control over. She had given them the fight that all creative ponies deserved, even when she stood in as the lead when the filly that was to do it had sprained her ankle.

Though she did a wonderful job, after the curtain went down she almost did not leave the dressing room, crying about how she didn't do her best and how she could have done better. That is of course until her parents came into the dressing room, her father practically tearing the door off its hinges. When they saw their daughter crying, her father said one thing "You did your best, because you are a Starmaker, and you made a lot of stars tonight. Even if you didn't you will go out there, young lady."

Being nudged by her mother, so many of the cast and crew applauded her and presented they're cutie marks. She burst into tears and didn't even notice that on her very own flank was a cutie mark.

She would go on to learn her magic abilities were meant to be used to help others and she eventually started her own studio, Starmaker Studios, as well as purchase her own restaurant, Shooting Star Bistro, in the heart of Manehattan.

Despite all of this, she will still tell you that she isn't doing her best and is only happy that she could at least show other ponies there true potential.


Has the ability to levitate objects like most unicorns, but she really thrives in her innate ability to see one's potential and help them work on it (some have stated that they think she may be clairvoyant, she'll just tell you it's "lucky guesses")



Buckington is personal bodyguard handpicked by General Starmaker that has protected her since she was a filly, and is a rather large earth pony. He doesn't speak much, but that's because he believes his actions speak louder, much louder. He has once bucked a gang of bison when they were filming in Appleoosa and trying to do negotiations. He however will never recall this happening.


Hoofred is her loyal pegasus that have served the Starmaker family even before Suzy was born. He, especially for his age, is still just as fast as he was when he was a Guardpony in Her Majesty's Service, however when he had lost sight in one eye he had to be discharged from the Guardpony. However, knowing he would much rather be trampled by Bison then have nothing to do, General Starmaker offered him a position as a personal pegacoach pegasus.

General Starmaker
Her father, General Ulysess Starmaker, has served in Her Majesty's army first as a lowly private Guardpony, but he didn't mind that other ponies were surpassing him. In fact, many times he was allowing others to take the credit for what he was doing. He moved up the ranks quickly doing so though, mastering many defensive spells and being an amazing strategists. For this reason, he also is the most respected General, however he places duty above very little else, one of those things being family.
Strudel Starmaker
Her mother, debutante Gertrude "Strudel" Starmaker, was and, on ocassion still is, a famous model that came from a royal family from Canterlot. She believed that even though she wasn't as strong as a earth pony or had graceful wings like a pegasus, she knew that her looks could at least do more than just making things look pretty. She had done modeling for many charity campaigns that most fashion ponies scoffed away because it was "beneath them" or dirty or low class. In fact, her most popular campaign was with Simple Sticky Strudel, where she got her nickname, Strudel Starmaker, because they were a up and coming company that wanted to share strudel to everyone, which eventually even made to Canterlot.

Also is the younger sister of "Colt" Stellation Starmaker, who was believed missing for quite some time, until he was found when Suzy was a very young filly, but after practically being raised by the constellations in Everfree, he couldn't stand the Canterlot lifestyle. He had ran away, with his sister and mother understanding why, but infuriating their father.


Princess Diaries was probably her best movie, it was a fictional story about how a pony, Francine Notsofancy, learned she was actually the long lost niece of Princess Luna and Princess Celestia, to show that no matter what your upbringing all mares are a princess on the inside. It starred Anne Hoofaway and actually even had cameos from the Princesses themselves. Costume design was done by the renowned Gary Horse. Suzy thinks that she didn't do as great as she could have done.

She is gets way too excited for giving gifts and getting gifts.

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