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Sunsetia Daisy Sparkle

For starters, I am not related to Twilight Sparkle. I was born far away in Vanhoofer, but when my parents dissapeared, my grandparents moved to Fillydelphia to start out new. Me and my brother grew up with the best of everything, we went to the best school in all of Equestria...the magic school in Canterlot. The two of us passed with flying colors, reguardless that we didn't have a horn, or any earth pony magic. After I graduated from school, my grandparents made me and my brother go to a flight school back in Vanhoofer, who only taught the best of the best. Sadly, I failed the entrance exam. I didn't want to face my grandparents, so I traveled for awhile, before finally deciding to live in Ponyville. Soon after, my brother came and told me my grandparents had passed on. I had grieved for quite sometime, until the day I met Skywind. It was love at first sight... and now we are engaged. Even though i'm only 16 years old, me and Skywind has had two foals, Starry Night Sky and Moon Lit Stars. I still wonder where my parents has gone, and every winter I place out roses in their honor, hoping one day they would come back to me, so we could be a family again. I have no other family members beside my brother, Lightning Cloud, but he lives far away in Vanhoofer, where he has started a family of his own. He visits when he can, when he's not traveling and preforming. Yeah, he is in a group called 'The Vanhoofer tree shakers' It's a small group that travels around Vanhoofer when the leaves change color's and helps take them off of the trees, since they don't have a Running of the leaves. I get very homesick of Vanhoofer alot, and wish to visit there one day, but I know I woud miss Pinkie Pie's cupcakes, AppleJack's famous apple fritters, and the sight of Rainbow Dash zipping around town, so i've decided to settle in Ponyville for the time being.

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