"I am nopony.. Just a palace made who's only been good for such for as long as she can remember"  - Sunrock to Photon Bullet.


Sunrock is an earth pony with very low self-esteem and self-depricating ideals about the world around her.


Sunrock (birthname Moonstone Crystal) was of Crystal Empire descent ever since she was a filly. Spending most of her teen years in an orphanage, she volunteered as a mare maid for the same exact orphanage she grew up in. Later leaving to be on her own to work in Princess Celestia's castle as one of the the mare maids.

As a Palace Maid

Sunrock is a hard working, cleaning mare for Princess Celestia's castle. Never given the chance to go outside during her shift, she opens the window for fresh air and/or heat. Her tasks are given to her by Olivia Smoshberry. Olivia is the other pony in the palace she talks to.



Sunrock is cream colored with a brown mane. She can often be seen with her maid dress on when working in the palace. On days off, which she rarely does, she can be seen  with nothing but the flower in her mane. Sunrock's eyes are purple.

Not being able to be in between a whole lot of ponies, Sunrock refuses to go to parties or gathering unless commanded by the princess.

She lacks self-confidence, knowing only how to help herself live and breathe as an individual. Yet, she very easy to talk to even when upset.


Photon Bullet (maybe): Photon was cought spying on Sunrock while Sunrock was cleaning the windows. Willing to be punishes by his fellow bolts, Bullet was willing to spend as much time with the maid mare as possible just to (kinda) boost the mare's self-confidence and maybe other plans along with it.


  1. HerNameIsSunrock was started as a hashtag by the player of Navi Flare to help gain recognization of the OC. However the #HerNameIsSunrock is in the making of become a fanfaction.The story will include the mane 6 in a very small role along with Princesses Celestia and Luna.