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Sunny Rays is a Pegasus pony that is currently from Cloudsdale. She is currently part of the weather crew. She originally appeared in the beginning of "Look Before You Sleep" for a couple seconds.

She has a couple nicknames: Sunny, Rays and S.R. being the three most common ones.


She was born to Sunshine and Cloudy Days in Cloudsdale. She is an only foal, or so she thinks. She grew up in Ponyville and earned her cutie mark from helping out with the weather crew.


Sunny Rays has a long, pink mane with a light pink highlight in her mane. Her coat is bright yellow and her wings are long and thin.


She is very intelligent and bright, however, she has times where she can be brash and rude. She can be dependable, but she understands her flaws and weaknesses…at least most of the times she does.


Sunny Rays has a couple abilities: One of which she can move clouds with her hooves. As she's with the weather crew, she does what she can to help them out. She can also create gusts of wind during wind season.


Helping out with the weather crew has been a lifelong dedication for her. She also helps those in need when she's in Ponyville.

Recent upcomings

Sunny Rays participated in Molting Season. She stayed in Ponyville until her wing feathers grew back on Saturday. She's mostly been quiet since then, though she makes a few appearances in Ponyville every now and then.

OOC notes

  • Ever since her appearance in the show for a couple seconds, she has been given a personality, a job and talks.
  • This is the same player as Sandstone, Lemon Hearts, Richie, Skydancer, and Pickaxe.
  • She's usually available between 11:00 AM CDT - 12:30 AM CDT.