Captain Sulphur White


Captain Sulphur White

"A werepony mare from the Equestria Airiforce.Does chemistry as a hobby, Serves as a captain on a airship. In love with @mlp_SBlade, adopted @mlp_BlueI" -Sulphur's White's twitter bio on 26.4.2014

Sulphur's history until now (Backstory-ish)

Sulphur white, a mare with an unusually blue mane wich a result of failed chemistry experiment (Lucky it hit only her mane) moved into ponyville some time ago to open firework buisness. She did well, and worked part time on her airship projects. Later that year she sold the plans to the airforce, and left her fireworks and joined the airforce. After few months on academy she got her silver stripe on the beret, and a fresh new carrier class airship named "Celestia" and a crew of airforce failures. All got together an now she is happy with her rank of cap Now she soars the skies and higher (Thanks to the top seceret rocket propulsion system, wich utilizes liquid oxygen and kerosine)

Cutie mark


Sulphur's Cutie mark

Sulphur's Cutie mark is a dynamite stick, either for her explosive personality, or the fact that the first firework she ever made, overshot on gunpowder and it ended up being one giant TNT stick.

Werepony Side

Sulphur Wolf

Sulphur's Wolf form

Sulphur white is a werepony, When the moon hits, she is forced to transform into (See the picture >>) In this form she outsizes and outfluffs most of other ponies, When in controll she is friendly and gives out fluffy hugs. Get her angry and.... You don't want to see the damage. Sulphur herself is from a long werepony bloodline, the whole curse dates back to sulphur's mother's bloodline, around time celestia was growing up. She was bullied by her schoolmates for her mother being a werepony, tough it all awakened after her arrival into ponyville.

Contacts and such (Completely OOC)

Writer is in the CET (Central European time) Won't be avalible on, Weekends or holidays. Writer shall be on all day on tuesday..

Twitter @mlp_Sulphur

Both OC and writer birthdays are on 11th may!

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