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 mlp_Sugar_Rush is a fairly tall pegasus, white from forelock to tailtip, save for his icy blue eyes. He has a larger than average wings, which may indicate how he got the "Rush" part of his name. Quite often, he is seen wearing his saddlebags, which are likely to have a sweet smell coming from them, as they are usually packed with the sweets he creates and sells.


Sugar Rush comes from a town even smaller than Ponyville, where his family (the Sugar Family) have been confectioners (specifically, candy makers) for generations. While the Sugar Family's business is well known in their little corner of Equestria, Rush left to come to Ponyville in hopes of increasing business for his family. He also wants to test himself, and see how he does. A extremely talented candy maker, many ponies are coming to know and enjoy a Sugar Family speciality, marshmellows. These fluffy treats look like marshmallows, but next to marshmellows, marshmallows seem like pale imitations. How the Sugar Family produces them is a secret known only to themselves.


Sugar Rush has been trained in making an increadible variety of candies and sweets since he was a colt. He is also a good all-around cook, as well as knowledgible in baked goods, though he has had less professional experience outside of candy making. He was also the fastest delivery colt back in his hometown, and while he is no Rainbow Dash, he believes his skill at being able to maintain a fast speed while taking care not to damage his sometimes fragile goods may be better than the only pony to do a Sonic Rainboom.

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