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Sugar Frost was born and educated in Fillydelphia. Moved to Ponyville just recently.

She is nicknamed "Sugar" by most ponies. But "Frosty" by others,too.

Her hobbies consist of

  • Flying
  • Reading
  • Eating
  • Not sleeping
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Going to the lake to relax


She was born in Fillydelphia and lived there until she was old enough to school.

Learned to fly after she fell off out of a tree while playing with her cousins. Her Cutie Mark is candy because of her love for candy her hyper,sweet personality, Sugar came from a family of 4. Mother,Father,older sister,Jewel and herself

Her father is a Pegasus while her mother is a Unicorn.

Sugar got the wings from her father,while her sister inherited the magic abilities from her mother.

Sugar left Fillydelphia after she graduated from school about a year ago,to move to Ponyville.

While Sugar was a filly,her family would often come to Ponyville for a holiday. The house Sugar

resides in now,was her family's holiday home before.


Aside from baking, Sugar also has a somewhat talent in singing. Nopony really knows about this,but she sings when she's alone.

Sugar loves Japonese (Japanese) culture. Their cute songs are the ones she sings the most.

Dancing at parties isn't really a talent,but she loves to dance anyway ^^

Since her family owned a grand piano, Sugar and Jewel were taught by their mother how to play.

It's not really her speciality,but she can play it pretty well.

Her Home

Sugar lives in her holiday home from when her family would visit Ponyville.

The house is 2 storeys high,quite big on the inside.

Sugars living room

Sugar's living room

There are 3 bedroom and 2 bathrooms. One bathroom upstairs, and one downstairs. On the inside there are no doors,just open doorways,which makes it easier to go through areas of the house. The house has a big window in the living room,which makes up for the lack of windows. It gives you a good view of the town and the Treebrary around the corner. The big tree by the lake is also visible.

The Kitchen has a sink,to wash the plates,a refridgerator to keep the food and a round dining table with 4 chairs.

The upper part of the house has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The first room you will see is Sugar's bedroom which has a pink door. Next door is her sister,Jewel's bedroom which is blue and silver,matching her colors. Next,is a slightly bigger door. Her parent's bedroom.Opposite the 3 rooms is the bathroom.


Sugar has made lots of friends quickly within her short period time in living in Ponyville such as: Rocky ,Lemony, Compass, Kanmeros, FinalScore Kiryn, Sir Ket ,Jasmine and has even become aquaintances with Princess Luna,herself.

Sugar sometimes likes to talk with the Mane 6 if they are available. Especially Twilight Sparkle,when Sugar has to return/borrow books.

Her favourite place to hang out with her friends is the cafe,where she always orders iced tea and hay fries. You can often see Sugar at the lake,by the big tree or on a cloud above it.

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