Sugarcube Corner

Sugarcube Corner exterior

Sugar Cube Corner
, often abbreviated to SCC, is a sweetshop in Ponyville. It is run by the Cake family, and both the home and workplace of Pinkie Pie.


The Sugar Cube Corner is occupied by Mr. Cake, Mrs. Cake, the Cake twins, and Pinkie Pie. Mr. Cake, Mrs. Cake, and Pinkie Pie all work there with the help of Cupcake Sprinkle. The Cake twins occupy themselves with the sweets in the kitchen, and their plushie collection.


The SCC is open until 7PM on weekdays, but special orders are available if approved by @mlp_mrcake, @mlp_mrscake, or @mlp_pinkie. The SCC is also open during some of Pinkie Pie's famous parties, but for partying, not business.

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