Styles is a unicorn who loves to see a smile on any pony, no matter if they are his friend or not(but only if they aren't evil because he has good morals). He wears glasses due to his vision and a fedora because he likes wearing them.


He was born and raised in Manehatten by his parents. His stripes were because of his mother's father who was a zebra and passed the stripes to her. When he was young and in school, bullies made fun of him because of him being a striped unicorn. He let them because he didn't want to cause violence.

Story of the cutie mark

One day in school, there was a new student by the name of Skylight Kagayaki(For anyone that stops me there, I own this RP character too) who sat next to Styles and became friends. After that, Skylight would always be near Styles and they both eventually got majorly bullied for it. Styles tried his hardest to cheer him up, but nothing he tried would work until he hugged Skylight and they both felt the warmth of happiness. When that happened, Skylight felt very happy and hugged him back which got Styles his cutie mark. Ever since then, Styles and Skylight have been best friends.

The move from Manehattan

When Styles got old enough to live on his own, he decided to move to Ponyville. While feeling a little worried about him, his parents understood his decision and gave him a green gem (close to his eye color) mostly as a memento. When he spoke to Skylight about it, Skylight didn't want him to leave, but he understood. Styles said that maybe they can see each other again some time in the future. The day after, he started his trip by train to Ponyville.