Stretchy Straw is an earth pony, born in Fillydelphia, and moving to the hometown of her parents, Ponyville, at a young age. His distinctive features are his scar under his left eye, and the straw hat he always wears.


Straw is a life-loving, energetic pony, even though he is not one of the brightest ones. He doesn't like showing off, but when it comes to protecting something dear for him, then he won't hold back. Straw always tries his best to help around Ponyville, though his hasty nature would cause him to end up helping the Apple Family, or Pinkie Pie, rather than the more sophisticated sorts like Rarity.


Born in Fillydelphia, Stretchy Straw was taught the way of a sailing pony, causing him to enjoy spending his time waterside a lot. He left the city at a quite young age, though, when her parents were both enrolled into the Royal Army; his father as a soldier, his mother as a nurse. The lonesome filly got on his feet quite quickly though, and to empower the memories of his parents, moved to their house in the small town of Ponyville.

Feeling uneasy at first, he quickly heard about the achievements of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, making him quickly shake off his worries, and busting into the life of the helpful pony he is now. Getting known as a reliable fellow, Straw got himself a lot of friends all around the town, making him realize he came to the right place. But, despite how many friends he had, he was still missing something. And that something walked right into his life, in the form of the unicorn Scarlet Fire.

One night, when he was about to get home from Sweet Apple Acres, he saw the unicorn trotting out of town, with a bag on her side. Straw followed her, and quickly came to realize that Scarlet was practicing dangerous magic, of such magnitude that she couldn't stop it. Straw approached the girl, though, and calmed her shaking and panicking with an affectionate hug; though this earned him his scar. The two walked back to Ponyville together, and been together ever since.


Straw is an extremely athletic pony, having an impressive skill in running and the like. This physical fitness helps him to lend his hoof to Ponyville's citizens with almost everything.


Stretchy Straw is currently Scarlet Fire's husband.

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