Starshine Styles

Starshine Styles' Logo

Starshine Styles is a clothing store/manestyling salon owned by Cotton Orange. It is located just down from Market Street in Ponyville.

What can you buy at Starshine Styles?

You can request a new dress, style of clothing, hats, accessories, repairs, a specific manestyle, the list goes on! Or, if you're less picky, you can browse the clothes and accessories on display. There's a wide selection, so take your time! Basically, if it's anything to do with fashion, Cotton can make that dream come true! Depending on how big the request is, Cotton can usually complete a request in a few days!

When is Starshine Styles open?

Starshine Styles is open from

10am to 10pm (GMT) Monday to Thursday

and 12PM to 8PM on Friday and Saturdays.

The store is closed Sundays.

Starshine Styles Trivia! (Yay!)

  • As well as working at Starshine Styles, Cotton used to live there befoemoving back into the Hillhouse! A door at the back of the store leads to cosy little set of rooms including a master bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a guest bedroom!
  • Starshine Styles was built almost a year and a half ago.
  • Among the builder ponies that helped with construction, Cotton's friend Scamper also helped!
  • The name 'Starshine Styles' came to Cotton whilst she looked at the night sky in the Hillhouse's observatory.
  • Cotton works alongside Aubade, who as been hired in the store since last December!

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