Are you looking for Starlight Glimmer?

This isn't the right place! This OC is very different and was created three years before the similarly-named villain existed.

A slightly spacey, soft-voiced unicorn poet who tends to "float" around town late at night. She loves to sing as well, and her voice has a sort of ethereal beauty to it.

She shared a house in Canterlot with Vinyl and Octavia, though she wasn't always there. As a wandering poet, much of her time wass spent idly roaming the quiet byways of Equestria for inspiration.

Some of her poems have been made into very down-tempo, ambient-styled electronica tracks with the help of her housemates and Ellie Phantasie.

One of her favorite haunts is a clearing just south of Ponyville proper, with a small hill and oak tree in the middle of it. You might find her there late one night, humming a quiet tune or waxing philosophic.

She recently became one of Twilight Sparkle's librarians, in an effort to have a more stable lifestyle.


A version of Starlight made in General Zoi's Pony Creator. Her cloak covers her cutie mark.