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Star Dusk is a pegasus pony who loves to go out to be an adventurer. She lives near the Canterlot Castle in a small simple house full with paintings and artifacts.



She is a pegasus pony with a pale, grayish gold colored coat and a scarlet mane. She has navy blue eyes and she has a cutie mark of a shooting star and a paintbrush. She seems to be like a teenager like Twillight Sparkle but she is just a tween age that is very tall enough to be an teen.

Early Life

Star Dusk is born in Ponyville but her parents decided to move to Canterlot. When Star Dusk saw her first star, she tried to draw it. On the third night, she drew all night just for the star. She even learned what constellations are. In the morning, she showed her family what she did and they were amazed of what she did. So, her family decided to make their home a mini museum for paintings. Some ponies were shocked because a filly made it, not an adult.

Earning her Cutie Mark


Her cutie mark

At the fifth day, she tried to review the stars at night. She s aw the constellations Orion, Ursa Minor and the Pegasus. She enjoyed studying these stars and then  suddenly Rainbow Dash performed the Sonic Rainboom. She was amazed to and tried it as an experiment. She flew very fast as Rainbow Dash. But instead of doing the Sonic Rainboom,she performed the StarLight Boom. In the next day, she saw her cutie mark a shooting star and a paintbrush.


Generosity and Kindness

Star Dusk is a generous pony. She gave the poor her food while she was just walking down the street. She can give her friends her bids even though she will need it.

She is also kind because she treats her enemies as friends and she never talked back at the weak and she will never give up.


She may be kind and generous but she can be rude. When nobody notices her, she will try to ruin ones life, such her enemy's. When she is done, she will go back to the nice Star Dusk again. So never ignore her because if you did, she will ruin you.


Sometimes when a pony interrupts her while doing an important thing, she will scream like a weirdo and be crazy all around Canterlot. She can talk to herself, draw silly things and flying like a robot in air. She will turn back to normal when you apologize to her instantly.


Star Dusk is a talented pony. She is flexible, smart and very focused at stars.

Studying the stars

Since her cutie mark is a star, she is interested in stars. Every night, she takes her telescope and look beyond the Earth. She even studies the comets, asteroids and more about space. She somehow study her StarLight Boom on how or what is it made of and how it goes.


She can do ballet and gymnastics. She can do all of the tricks except split. She is having a hard time splitting even though shes flexible. Every night, she practices the split, but never succeeds.


She is smart st solving problems but some questions can be difficult for her. She can't really do math so that's why she asks her sister.


StarLight Boom

The StarLight Boom

She can also sing a wonderfully. She has a beautiful voice but she chooses not to due to shyness. She

is shy because before when she is about to sing, the bullies keep laughing at her and she is trying to avoid that experience again.

StarLight Boom

Star Dusk can also do a StarLight Boom. This is very similar to Sonic Rainboom but it is stars than rainbow. Shee can perform this both day and night.


She lives in many houses because of her family migration. She is also an adventurer so sometimes, she stays in some places.


Star Dusk lives near the Canterlot Castle in a simple house with some paintings hung on the wall and it is much like a museum-ish house. Her house is a wealthy type house yet again it is only simple house. She is sometimes greeted by the royal princesses because she is very near the castle.


Her mom, Winter Drop works in the weather factory and always call her to guide the house. She lives in her mom;s house or her grandparents house. Their house is big because their somehow rich.


Because of her dad, he built a house for his family. It is also a simple house with some clouds near it. It is also called the "Awesome - Weirdly House"


Star Dusk has only one pet and she is Diara. The name is mixed and when its full, the name is Diamond Tiara ( not to be confused from a pony ). Diara is a Brittish Blue cat. She is loyal to Star Dusk and very sweet to her. Star Dusk treats her like a real pony because of their friendship is so strong.


Storm Light - He is a pegasus stallion and Star Dusk's dad. He is a hardworking dad but he can be strict sometimes. He may not appear or mentioned because he is not around and he is in Fillydelphia just to work for his family. He has a cutie of a dark cloud with a lightning.

Pony 1

Star Dusk and Lightning Slash are sisters


The Trios. Star Dusk, Silver Snow and Pepper Clark

Winter Drop -  She is pegasus mare and Star Dusk's mom. She takes charge in the weather patrol as well as in the weather factory. She is a snow maker that's why her cutie mark is a snow flake and a mistletoe.

Lightning Slash - She is a pegasus mare and her sister. She is a little snob but she is smart too. She will sometimes boss  her around but she can be a good sister. She has a cutie mark of a glowing light bulb.

Silver Snow - He is a unicorn and Star Dusk's favorite cousin. He even helps her when she is in trouble. He has a cutie mark of a glowing blue ring.

Pepper Clark - She is an earth pony and also one of her favorite cousins. She lives with Star Dusk in Canterlot. She has a cutie mark of a pizza cutter.

Auric Krysalis - He is one of her best friends. He is a dragon pony and can change his mane color to anything because of his emotions.


Star Dusk was originally named "Painty Star"  but it was scrapped because she is not a painter, she is an artist but she draws not painting because her sister paints.

In the sketches, you can see there's a mouse beside her because she was supposed to be a animal care taker 

She supposed to have a younger foal but it was removed because it will take time to do it.

Her cutie mark was supposed to be a cheese because she loves cheese.

She was supposed to be a stallion and the elder one but it was scrapped because it's not a good one or not a good character.

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