A white unicorn stallion with magically applied cyan zebra marks over his coat. Can usually be seen with his trademark Goggles either over his eyes or resting above his horn.


Sprocket is a cheery, upbeat unicorn that enjoys several aspects of his life. As an optimist, he would rather look at the bright side of most things rather than the dark, however; he can be real if given the situation and will note the realities as well.

In company, he is at home with smaller groups of ponies, as large crowds make him feel invisible and crowds that are too small seem to lack communication.

Alone, Sprocket tends to let his work keep him busy, sometimes letting it consume him and forcing him to skip meals, however; his assistant reminds him that even the most hardest working of all the ponies needs a good, healthy meal sometime.

Detailed Appearance

With a pure white coat, Sprocket is usually mindful of stains, but as an inventor, isn't afraid to get a little dirty now and again. The gem he wears around his neck serves as a memento of his parents in Fillydelphia and as well as an aid in focusing his magic on the intricate parts of an invention.

The cyan zebra marks are not something he was born with, however; Sprocket fell deeply in love with the way they made a pony looked, and requested the marks to be permanently added to his coat. This did not make him a Zebra, and he knew it, but it allowed him to have an even bigger smile when he walked past a mirror.

His attire consists of a work vest, and geared hoof-boots that he designed himself one day, walking through a recently-rained on and muddy forest. They allow his hooved great protection while the gears give off a style that he can call his own.

Cutie Mark/Talent

Sprocket's Cutie Mark is a cyan Cog that symbolizes his love for mechanical objects and as well as his love to assemble them. The thrill he receives when a new invention of his works is that of a sugar rush, thrilling him beyond most means.